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The ministry of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Minnesota is a ministry beyond the local church and seeks to support the 55,000 student population and almost 80,000 person campus of the Twin Cities campus.  The support of people like you is the only way we are able to maintain a presence on campus.  We invite you to share in the vision of the ministry by becoming a financial supporter of this ministry.  We also welcome your prayers, and your passions to this campus ministry and other ways that you might have to offer your gifts.  Please let us know.
Examples might be providing meals, housing students, offering a weekend cabin for a retreat, helping with finals chocolate or breakfast, or any number of other things you might have that you think could be helpful for this ministry.
Support form you is what helps us thrive.  Support us with a financial commitment – a variety of options are available:
  • An automatic monthly contribution
  • One time contribution of any size
  • Mail a contribution  (You can mail your contribute to 1219 University Ave S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55414)



Some options for giving

60.00 per year : $5.00 USD – monthly
120.00 per year : $10.00 USD – monthly
250.00 per year : $25.00 USD – monthly
600.00 per year : $50.00 USD – monthly
960.00 per year : $80.00 USD – monthly
1,200.00 per year : $100.00 USD – monthly
2,400.00 per year : $200.00 USD – monthly

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