Exploring Faith

A time in the near future, in a place very close to campus…. our sermon series “The Gospel According to Star Wars” will begin! A huge fan of Star Wars? So are we! So let’s geek out together and explore how our faith correlates to the story of one of the most celebrated Sci-Fi phenomenon in our era. Sermon series starts September 27th at 6:30pm.

For those of you who enjoy a worship experience, the Wesley Foundation offers a student focused low key experience Sundays at 6:30pmEach week is a little different, with our campus minister sometimes preaching and at other times a more discussion based format being our focus. Join us each week as we explore our faith through a college student lens.

Are you ready to go deeper than just a study group?  It’s time to ask deep questions of faith.  This group will be intense, but great for anyone who has serious questions. We’ll talk about relationship with all faith traditions, our beliefs in human suffering, issues of justice, questions about God, and no question is out of bounds.  This will take place some evening during the week.  We’re not sure yet but we’d love your suggestions.

IMG_0322last service 4

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