Local Church Support

Minnesota Conference

We believe that the most effective way to share our message and passion for this campus ministry is to come and visit you.  Cody Nielsen and some members of the Board of Directors will be happy to visit you at your church.

If you like a visit, please email Cody Nielsen. j.cody.nielsen@gmail.com

Let him know if you would like:

  • A guest preacher
  • A visit by Cody or a Board member to your Advisory Council
  • A program by a Board member for your UMW group
  • A visit by Cody to your Youth meeting
  • A visit by a Board member to your Youth Council and/or Lay Leaders

Part of Cody’s message will be an explanation of why our branding is as it is. Why the chalice, the roads going to infinity, the dove?  Let us share our message with you.

Local Church Partnerships

These Minnesota churches have already invited us to share our message with them.  Some have supported our ministry financially.  We are thankful for each of them.

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