Theology Committee

Leadership Opportunities Abound!

Growing up, most students never have the opportunity to shape worship into the authentic opportunity they would like. At the Wesley Foundation, we invite and encourage students to get involved. Our Theology committee meets on a weekly basis (Date and time TBD) and we encourage you to get involved.

Contact our Theology Committee for any questions or if you want to get involved!

Anne HunterAnne Hunter –

Anne is a Junior studying Chemical Engineering major at the University of Minnesota from Naperville, IL and has been a part of the Wesley Foundation since Spring 2013. She grew up in an American Baptist church but found that she fits right in with the Wesley community because of its welcoming attitude and focus on actions rather than words. In her free time, Anne likes reading, biking, traveling to new places, and learning Korean.

In what ways can you get involved?

  • Worship Leader
  • Read Scripture
  • Suggest a Sermon topic or Series
  • Play or Sing in the Praise Band
  • Write Prayers or Calls to Worship
  • Help with Communion
  • Provide hospitality
  • Preach!

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