About Us

Welcome to our Community!


What is Wesley?  We’re the Wesley Foundation, a United Methodist related campus ministry at the University of Minnesota that is dedicated to  welcoming all persons.  We are a community who seeks to practice justice, cross faith traditions, and create a world of tolerance and compassion for all persons, including those who do not wish to practice a religious or spiritual identity.  We are proudly willing to question our faith, to explore deeper meaning, and to grow as we seek a world that is more full of peace and justice.  We welcome YOU to participate, to be encouraged, and to know that no matter who we are, the Wesley Foundation can be a place for you to find community while in college at the U of M.  All are welcome.  And ALL MEANS ALL!

Core Values
The Wesley Foundation (at the University of Minnesota) is a community open to all students, staff, faculty, and administration of the University of Minnesota regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, creed, marital status, public assistance status, gender identify or sexual orientation.  We seek to build a community that is welcoming to all and expresses a world that lives out peace and justice to its fullest extent.We are an inclusive community that welcomes all persons. You might hear us mention ourselves as a Reconciling Community.  For information on this, we encourage you to read our Reconciling Statement.

As a ministry, we are located inside the University Baptist Church, an historically welcoming American Baptist Church whose roots go back to the 1850s and whose mission has always included the University of Minnesota campus.  We are excited to be in partnership with “UBC” through the rental of office space and lounge space, as well as utilizing space for worship and partnership in various activities around campus. Our campus ministry is part of the Interfaith Campus Coalition, or ICC.  The ICC is a group of campus ministries dedicated to expressing a healthy and diverse faith experience on the University of Minnesota.  We engage in dialogue and partnership through the university student affairs department.

2014_WW_Outdoor-Worship-05A Community
It is easy for campus ministry to look like just another club on campus, but we are a community of faith, grounded in our belief of Jesus as our saving one who goes before us and leads us down the path of just living and righteousness.  We believe that as a community, we seek to purest forms of Christianity through relationships, fellowships, and justice in our communities and in our world.  We expect that the kingdom of God is breaking forth and seek to be persons through which we can help to break forth such kingdom in ourselves and in the world.

You are Welcome
No matter who you are, no matter what your beliefs, we’d like to welcome you into our community.  As college students, we seek to intertwine the questions of faith and the questions of life as we travel along the journey of college together.  We invite you to join us as we journey into the mystery of our lives and the mystery of God together.

Our Five Core Values:
Provide direction of spiritual formation and community for college students on the University of Minnesota campus through worship, bible and book study, and retreat.

  1. Foster authentic community/communion among student communities, thoroughly engaging in questions of faith and integrating theological insights into the vocational path of students.
  2. Engage campus in the Christian faith journey through a United Methodist and Ecumenical perspective.
  3. Train students as leaders in the church of today through various activities and opportunities for students to gain vocational experience.
  4. Missionally connect the church beyond itself to the university institution providing pastoral presence for faculty, staff and students at all times including moments of crisis.

Most importantly, all students and faculty are welcome to be part of our community.

Come As You Are.

Be a part of the community and get involved in our Social Justice events, Worship or one of our other groups within our community. There is a place for you here and we cannot wait to meet you!


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